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Gris Gris

Gris Gris is a soft and gleaming blend of new Merino Wool and recycled Mohair. Due to the high Mohair content, this yarn has a beautiful halo. It’s a soft, yet strong yarn – perfect for sweaters and socks.

The fibres in this yarn are sustainably farmed and mulesed-free.

The recovery, treatment and processing of wool mill waste results in regenerated fibre, a textile fibre with characteristics similar to that of virgin wool or mohair – which after being scoured, is ivory to grey tinted. The fine fibres can be used for yarn and the coarser fibres are used for carpets and felt.

Choosing to use wool waste for secondary products is a recycling activity with a dual purpose: it reduces the overall use of fleece and is a sustainable way to reuse non-hazardous waste.

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