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  • Ninilchik

    I was curious to see if my Wishbone Solo base and my Wishbone Flax Flower base marry well together in a garment. So I cast on a Ninilchik Swoncho by Caitlin Hunter, something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time…. After all, these bases come from the same mill and they are the same weight …

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  • Barefoot.

    I know that you call the last hot days of Summer and Indian Summer. But what do you call the first hot days of Spring? We had a few of those a few weeks ago. I was able to wear a t-shirt and jeans and walk barefoot. I dyed “Barefoot” with a warm breeze blowing …

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  • Mudlarking

    Traditionally, a mudlark was someone who scavenged in river mud for items of value – a term used especially for those who scavenged this way in London during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Mudlarks would search the muddy shores of the River Thames at low tide for anything that could be sold – and …

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  • Woman From Tokyo.

    Once, years ago on the London tube… just after I had convinced myself that I’d seen Robert de Nero reading the billboards on the platform at Sloane Square… a Japanese woman embarked and sat across from me. She took out a Nabokov book and started to read. I think it was Terra Incognita. I had …

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  • Peacocks of the past.

    The peacocks… most unpredictable of fowl. I love making them though.      

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  • The Purples and the Pinks.

    I have file upon file of images – old botanical illustrations, paintings & photographs… I love looking through them and matching them to yarn colours. The colour of the skein above is Rose Petals. It reminds me of a particular rambling rose in my grandmother’s garden – a tiny bloom with dark edges, fading into …

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